potato: root? stem?

i know that we learnt this in primary school but having deal with the anatomy of the body, organs, physiologic effect of diseases for the past 3 odd years that very fact whether potato is a stem or a root kinda get lost in my brain. i was initially kinda insisting that it’s a root but well darn i was wrong. haizzzz.. heh. but well at least now i know. haa.

pl. po·ta·toes
A South American plant (Solanum tuberosum) widely cultivated for its starchy edible tubers.
A tuber of this plant.

tuber: enlarged tip of a rhizome (underground stem) that stores food. Although much modified in structure, the tuber contains all the usual stem parts–bark, wood, pith, nodes, and internodes. The eyes of a potato tuber are nodes where sprouts appear, and they are arranged in the same spiral pattern characteristic of buds on an aerial stem.

anyway went to climb with sd, imran and afee last friday. imran brought us to this ulu place at toh guan. been so long since i climb but it was niceeee…. manage to climb the easy easy walls. and occasionally just occasionally “step up” is not as easy as just step up. =p. but i like it all the same.


met in kindergarden, exchanged some sentences in primary school, lost each other soon after……..

but glad our path crossed again. never been happier. never been so recharged.




well approximately 2 weeks ago, my trusty transport to and fro work decided to bail on me. was riding from work to cck for a quick dinner when suddenly, just suddenly there was a loud sound coming from underneath my footrest. “boom boom boom” i just happen to turn into cck avenue2, park my bike and called fee. apparently the welding of my pipe kinda give way and the “muffler” kinda came dragging on the road. haizzzzz. had to leave my bike there for the weekend before my superhero came to assist me in bringing it back home. =)

a week later,



there he is……

my mechanic. my greasy monkey. heh.

been a while

i know i know

i think all of you think that aini might as well not have a blog. haha. well at least i am trying now. so for once rozi will come to this page and not see the same title over and over again. heh.

anyway i just got back from hanging out with sd. been awhile since we had our usual “girl talk” which constitute of us bitching about pple we hardly know and talking about random stuff and as usual boys. haaa. afee joined us shortly after that and gave us bits and pieces of his opinions. but of course he had to be careful with his words or else “balik sendiri”. haha. ( in an attempt to imitate imran’s “balik naik bus eh”)

let me update u guys about the happenings for the past 2 months. hehe. honestly i think the past 2 months had been great. ramadhan was great. got re-acquainted with old primary and secondary school friends. (which turned out to be my unintended =)…heh ) raya was great too gg out all crazy with friends whom you grew up with and all.

and more happy news. my colleague at work whom i sooo adore got married over the weekends and another one is getting married the  following weekend. haa. so many weddings…. hee… but all happy happy. you all know how i am such a MKK (minah kahwin2 as the BP girls labelled me). hee.

i’ll update soon with pictures of the raya outings yeah. i’ll try not to drag it for another few more months. heh.

i love this shot. look at the books. it’s like a wallpaper.

see rozi: my kind of outing: to a bookstore. heh.

smoking sunset fun

hey y’all. singfest came and went away without me. =( no jason mraz for mua. boooo. but oh well. things don’t necessarrily go the way you always want it them to be.

at work, we had a bbq at paris ris park last sat. honestly th prep was a lil tat tiring for me. my bad. i agreed on things without even realising that i might need a lil help help afterall. bleaugh. but all said and done, the bbq turned out good. the social comm meeting pulled off a fairly entertaining bbq. n i got to say ruby was great in “ra-ra”ing the crowd. and i got myself busy with pradeep’s D40. so shiok siaaaa… i need to get hold of those pics sooonn. pradeeeeepppp….!!!!

met sha on sunday for a “riding” session and decided for a weekend getaway soon if everything goes well. lets hope so ya.


met the 2 teachers after their mandarin class at jurong west. i tell u they are so cute la reenacting how they are as teachers, scolding, being sarcastic and all. i reallie admire how they can tahan teaching a class, or rather classes of kids who can reallie test their patience. tabik mannnnn. u guys are doing well yeah. dont worry yeahh. i am always here if u need a hug. heh. =)

2 newborns in a month!! heee. visited ili and husband with the adorable 5-day-old newborn aiman shafiy last 2 saturdays and almost a month old hadi haziq (kak zai’s latest addition) today!!! so happy la… 2 newborns in a month reallie make me want to have a babyyyy!!!! hahaha. if only i can device a plan to steal one of them *heh*.

to be honest, last time i used to be scared of holding newborns but after awhile, i guess those cute lil ones just hypnotised me to be curious and then almost addicted. haa. and i remember one of our anatomy lecturers telling us abt their skull overlapping slightly to squeeze their way through the birth canal and i think to myself, that newborns cant be as cute as they are as toddlers. i know i know. i have slapped myself for even having those thoughts. tsk tsk tsk. but truely now, i lovvvveeeee newbornssss. so cuteeeeeee. heh.

the visit to ili’s place gave me and the girls (mary and sd) a chance to catch up with ili and to of cos to ask abt her labour, pushing, post giving birth, marriage life and all. talking to her was so enlightening and i swear for once i secretly feel very envious that she was already a parent, a loving wife and having a family. as i sat at one corner of her living room, looking at the newly wed, sd and imran and the new parents, i wished i could have the same. haha. emo moment la. but honestly, it gets to me la sometimes. but then again i apparently i am so emotional that it doesnt have an effect on pple anymore. haa.

anywayyyyyy. feast ur eyes pple….

presenting aiman shafiyyyyyy… so the gerammmmmmmmm….

congratulations ili and amin. =)))

sometimes it’s a mazing how 2 lil boys can brightened up ur day. =)))